#1284 Cirrus Card and Windows 98


OS: Mac OS 10.7.2
Bochs Verison 2.5.0
Bochs OS: Windows 98SE
Settings important on .bochsrc: display_library: x, vga: extension=cirrus, vga: extension=VBE

When I enable to Cirrus Card to PCI, I go through the instructions of assigning it the Cirrus 5446 Graphics card to the PCI (which should work and bump up my system to 256 color and larger than 480 by 620), strange things start to happen, even before I assign it to , vga: extension=VBE.
It can say that the memory is already used by Cirrus Card (though not always).
Then when I put it as the Vga extension=cirrus, the system says the Graphic card driver is wrong, so I go to assign the Cirrus Card driver, I end up with double cards when I do assign it and restart, then when I disable one, it seems to make both disappear and then I can't get anything to show at all the next time I restart and go to Add Hardware.
Then, when the Cirrus Card is not showing at all or I think I've installed it again, and I go to Start-> Settings -> Control Panel -> Display and click on the Settings tab, it crashes the whole OS. This does not happen when I have Vga enabled and the standard VGA settings configured (where I can change from a low resolution to a high).

Terminal reports when it Happens:
05743770258i[CLVGA] switched to 640 x 480 x 8

Repeating over and over{
A repeating of 4 times{
05749935760i[VBIOS] vgabios call ah12 al00 bx1180 cx0000 dx03C4
05749938906i[VBIOS] vgabios call ah00 al39 bx0000 cx0000 dx03C4
05749942936i[VBIOS] vgabios call ah12 al00 bx1180 cx0006 dx03C4
05749946082i[VBIOS] vgabios call ah00 al39 bx0000 cx0006 dx03C4
05749949898i[VBIOS] vgabios call ah12 al73 bx00A0 cx0006 dx0000
05749953150i[VBIOS] vgabios call ah00 al73 bx0000 cx0006 dx0000
05750241862i[VBIOS] vgabios call ah12 alBF bx9185 cx0000 dx0000
05750244994i[VBIOS] vgabios call ah12 al40 bx9185 cx0000 dx0000
05750248769i[VBIOS] vgabios call ah12 al00 bx1180 cx0000 dx03C4
05750251915i[VBIOS] vgabios call ah00 al39 bx0000 cx0000 dx03C4
05750282018i[VBIOS] vgabios call ah00 al03 bx9120 cx0000 dx0000
And then the screen goes black and I have to restart the system.

Leads: Qemu, which from what I understand uses the same Cirrus settings and other open source parts is having a same issues with Macs and Windows 98.

His description of the error:
Device Manager lists "Cirrus Logic 5446 PCI" alongside the previously discovered "Cirrus Logic" device, but due to resource conflicts, "Cirrus Logic 5446 PCI" is effectively disabled until "Cirrus Logic" is either disabled or uninstalled. Unfortunately, disabling "Cirrus Logic" and using "Cirrus Logic 5446 PCI" only makes things worse, for using any display settings higher than 16 colors and 640x480 will always cause a floating point exception on startup. This crash occurs after the login prompt and during the Windows 98 startup chime.

https://bugs.launchpad.net/qemu/+bug/604166 is the bug, and I've contacted the person who put out a fix on it, so I hope to hear back from them soon

I wish I could help more but I do bochs more for fun, my main focus is in Web development, so I a lot of this goes over my head still. I hope this is clear enough to help show what is wrong. Thank you.


  • Volker Ruppert

    Volker Ruppert - 2012-03-09

    First of all the Cirrus PCI card works fine here with the Win98 guest. We recommend to use Bochs version 2.5.1, since there are some critical bugfixes included. If your host hardware is big endian, I think there can be a device emulation problem, but no VGABIOS bug. Please post your bochsrc settings related to the vga display (pci, vga, vgaromimage).

  • Volker Ruppert

    Volker Ruppert - 2014-12-21
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  • Volker Ruppert

    Volker Ruppert - 2014-12-21

    No response - closing this item.


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