#25 check for yabb modding guidelines before install


"Here's a new one, specific to the integration of Y2:
It would be really cool if BoardMod did a very simple
check for some Y2 mod-rule compatibility. There are a
few rules that have been laid down for Y2 mods, and I
think it would be fairly simple for BoardMod to check
some of those rules.

First of all, obviously BoardMod would need to be able
to figure out whether you're installing a Y2 mod or a
Y1.x mod, but that should be simple enough.

Then, BoardMod could check the mod to see if it
includes an edit to the ModList.pl file. BoardMod
could also check for any edits to existing language files.

If the mod included edits to existing language files,
or did not include an edit to the ModList.pl file, it
should throw up a red flag saying something along the
lines of "This mod does not conform to the YaBB 2
mod-writing specs. Please inform the mod's author at
the BoardMod forums." You would then have a choice
whether to continue installing the mod anyway, abort
installation, or edit the mod to fix it yourself.

[...] It might also be nice to make sure that the mod
doesn't edit any files like Settings.pl, etc. (since Y2
mods are supposed to have their very own settings
files), but that may take slightly more work than the
other feature requests. " -- Curtiss Grymala



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