Tow issues appears in my os!
1. After starting of the boa-Constructor then click on the help button on palette appears the Error:
TypeError: in method 'windowlist__getitem__',expected argument 2 of type 'size_t'

2. Whatever type of window,form, or even the app are created, however, the palette always show empty where no any items like button,label or else like described as the doc or screenshot in boa-constructor site.

3. Finish the most simple sample by create the form from editor pannel, save and run the 'form' program fail with no any message or tips.

My configuration of python like below:
OS: windows 7 ultimate 
Python: python2.7
boa-constructor:boa-constructor-0.6.1.src.win32.exe (from sf)

Of course the demo from official   wxPython and other provider runs right!