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<What specifically are you looking for?  If you want to see the different
<widgets in action then you should look at the wxPython demo (the code is
<a bit different as it has not been generated with Boa, but with a bit of
<experimentation you very quickly see how to use them from within Boa -
<assuming Boa is supporting it on its palette).

<If you have a specific question to a widget then it is best to put a
<little sample together as best as you can and then post it as an
<attachment to this list and people here will try to help you.


iam need to make programs to replace one administrative in my site of work. really is make all to zero but for someone side i need to start.
 an for you second theme i answer ; how i construct a form to loguin . to start my aplication and how i can conect two frame.
tha nks for you answear to mi and excuseme my english.