Hello Werner,
Sorry for the confusion from my "English"...
"Just OK" means that there are still many issues to resolve.

I now have many changes, with more to come, to make Boa work properly on the Gnome 3 desktop wxPython 2.8.12.

I have successfully installed the wxPythonDemo plug-in on Ubuntu. I can provide instruction if need be.

The things that I have found related to you post:
1) The error that you attached has only to do with the Editor (not just the demo). It happens only some of the time. I am looking for the bug.
2) Building 2.8.12 against GTK 2.24.4 may have fixed many issues. e.g. "d" to move to the entries starting with "d" DOES work for me.
3) StyleTextControl works much better under wx 2.9.
4) Inspector panel works much better under wx 2.9, but is still not great. Some issue that I see on Gnome I have also seen on Windows.  It is my next big fix for 2.8.

I will submit patches to the list when preliminary Windows testing of changes pass.

Thank you for all your dedication to this project!!!

On 5/17/2011 3:19 AM, Werner F. Bruhin wrote:
On 05/17/2011 10:24 AM, Barton wrote:
Boa was just OK under Maverick (Ubuntu 10.10)
OK? how did you deal with the Inspector issues?  Data not shown, not easy to change.
- the whole wx library (2.9.1) suffers greatly under Natty (Ubuntu 11.04) (I wish that had been slower to upgrade.
wx 2.9 is still pretty new, so not surprised that there are issues.  You should be able to run still with 2.8, no?

Ubuntu is still "new land" for me, while I was tempted to upgrade to 11.04 I will wait some time.  Have enough on my plat to get familiar with everything and finding my way around where to find information (usable) when running into problems.  I had pretty hard time to get my dual display setup to be recognized (need to run a beta nVidia driver for it) and had problems with Firebird SQL performance (about 3 times slower then on Windows (native or within a VM - finally figured out that ext4 and FB SQL don't like each other).

Overall I am still pleased with making the move to Ubuntu as getting my own shareware to work was much less painful then I expected.  Even so it requires a lot of clean up work - widget sizing is probably the worst (regardless that all my stuff is using sizers), besides not getting the ReportManager tool to work.


On 5/12/2011 1:37 AM, Werner F. Bruhin wrote:
If I use the wx demo plug-in whenever I close a demo I see the attached error.

A couple of other things which are more annoying are:

- Inspector panel is just about unusable, e.g. enter the path to the wx demo is just about fine, try changing it without using the dir browse button.
- Inspector the browse button is just about always invisible unless one manually enlarges the window.
- Explorer one can't enter e.g. "d" to move to the entries starting with "d"
- Explorer the mouse wheel does not work

Anyone having some patches for this?

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