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Hi Mario,

Please copy the list, or just reply on the list.

OK, sorry I just click in reply...
Mario Lacunza wrote:

> ..
> Yes, but only if I do things which one should not do. I.e. adding an
> item which is already controlled by another sizer, also Boa is
> normally
> not allowing this.
> Uhmm....some times its true...other crash when I finished setup sizers
> properties and click in Post button...

Try to pin point which sizer property setting is causing the crash and
gives us step by step instructions so we can try to recreate it.

Run the Frame Designer, in Sizer tab double click in one of them; appears the items frame, click in one of them in the list  and when I set up the Window property (in the Inspector window) just leave up and the Boa crash... that error is not frecuently, I see then its appears when I perform other task in the same window. Memory? I have the same problem in WinXP (some minor crash)  and Ubuntu Dapper.
> If it is a hard crash (i.e. no error log shown by Boa) then I
> don't know
> how to catch the actual error.
> I normally undo the last few changes and/or look through the
> source to
> try to find what the problem is.
> In my case, Boa crash and shutdown, loosing all my changes...

Do only a few changes and try to save to help identify which change is
causing the problem.


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Mario Lacunza
Desarrollador 2 Estrellas VS2005
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