You were close to the solution.

Selecting "New - more -> Add Control" in the tools collection window just adds a kind of slot for the control to your toolbar.

First add the toolbar to your frame.
Then you have to add the combobox to the toolbar by selecting the combobox icon in the palette and clicking on the toolbar.
Make sure the added combobox is a child of the toolbar. You can check this in the 'objs' tab of the inspector window: the combobox node must be a child of the toolbar node.
Then open the toolbar tools collection window and select "New - more -> Add Control" to add an empty comtrol slot. Select the empty control item you've added (the 'None' item) and go to the 'constr' tab of the inspector window. You can then choose your combobox in 'Control' the dropdown list.

It may not refresh the toolbar in the designer window. Just validate the designer and reopen it to see your combobox added to the toolbar.


2007/2/20, Colin Campbell < cdc@ccicon.com>:

I've just started working with boa and I really like it.  I'm currently running
the cvs (0.5.2) on Suse 10.1 linux.  I'm trying to add a Combobox control to a
toolbar on my main frame.  I've plowed through the docs and this group, but I
can't seem to find the correct way of doing this.

I have added the Toolbar.  I then select it, make sure it's selected in the
Inspector window, and then select the Combobox from the Pallet.  I then click on
the toolbar in the designer window, but nothing happens.

I also tried adding it from the Inspector->Prop->Tools, bringing up a
collections windows and then selecting New - more -> Add Control.  This adds a
control, but sets it to None.  I get no options but None.  I can correctly add
Buttons and Separators in this fashion, but not controls.

Can anyone enlighten a boa-newbie as to the correct manner of adding controls to
a toolbar?

Thanks in advance!


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