Hello All
I am facing a problem that can not resolve. I have two wx.Dialog form, their name are: Customer and SearchCustomer
In the form Customer I have a button that invoke a SearchCustomer form, the SearchCustomer form has a grid that is filled with the results of the consultation
In the SearchCustomer form, I have a function below.
    def OnGridSearchCustomerGridCellLeftDclick(self, event):
        import Customer 
        customer  = Customer.Customer(self)
        row = event.GetRow()
        codeOfCustomer = self.gridSearchCustomer.GetCellValue(row, 0)
In the Customer form, I have a function below.
    def receiveSearch(self, codeOfCustomer):
            _sql = """
                    SELECT customer_code, customer_name FROM customer WHERE customer_code = %s
                   """ % (codeOfCustomer)
            registers = self.cursor.fetchall()        
            for x in registers:
        except MySQLdb.Error, e:
            wx.MessageBox("Error %d: %s" %(e.args[0], e.args[1])) 
When I give a command "print", the values is all right, but the fields "textCtrlName" not update with a Set Value. I don't understand because.
Any Idea ???
Please excuse my errors of English.