#58 Fast Field Entry

wxPython (11)
Peter Stradinger

I find in project after project I'm spending a lot of
time doing the same thing over and over again.
Particularly when building database front-ends for
various applications. My process goes something like this:

Create static text control
Create text entry
Line up the static text control with the top right edge
of the text entry
Rename the label for the text control to be something
like l_fieldname and the text to be Fieldname
Rename the name for the text control to be t_fieldname
and the value to ''

loop for every simple text field in the table.

Then I have to do a similar process for each multiline
text, and each choice box.

I'd like a wizard with a spreadsheet list that allows
me to just paste in, or type in, a list of fieldnames
and then specify whether they're text, multiline text
or choice and have boa space them along the left edge
so that I can drag them around into whatever format.

I realize I should probably just make this myself, but
I figure maybe if I throw it out there, one of you
might like the idea and do it for me.