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Using IntCtrl with Boa Constructor

  • Anonymous

    Anonymous - 2010-12-11

    5:39:21 PM: The following lines were not used by the Designer and will be lost:
    5:39:21 PM: ##        wx.lib.intctrl.IntCtrl(self.work_size_y, min = 0 , max = 9999, limited = True)
    5:39:21 PM:  There were unprocessed lines in the source code of method: _init_ctrls If this was unexpected, it is advised that you cancel this Designer session and correct the problem before continuing.

    How do I place IntCtrl bounds on my text boxes in Boa Constructor?  If I do it manually, Boa deletes them when I open a designer.  Most inconvient.  It should ignore  code that it doesn't use, not destroy it.  I tried commenting out the line, and the same thing happens.

  • Anonymous

    Anonymous - 2010-12-11

    I moved wx.lib.intctrl.IntCtrl(self.work_size_y, min = 0, max = 9999, limited = True) to
    def __init__ instead of def _init_ctrls.
    Works now, is there a reason for this other than Boa?  Stylistically, I would like to have the bound next to the generation of the text box, not in the init function

  • Chelonian

    Chelonian - 2010-12-11

    You can do this with easily Boa.  Just add your IntCtrl, then click on the Contr(uctor) tab in the Inspector, and change Max and Min there, and click twice on False to the right of Limited so it has True checked.  You're done.  Must have just overlooked it.

  • Werner F. Bruhin


    Che pointed you to the right way of doing it, the way Boa generates this code you should either not touch it as per the warning  "# generated method, don't edit" shown in each method or if you change it you have to follow the format Boa expects.

    Or as you found out you do your thing after the call to self._init_ctrls in __init__ or in a method you call from there.



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