gijs - 2005-03-16


For developing Python 2.3 applications I use Boa Constructor for debugging the application. This is working fine but now I want to debug an application on a remote PC (win 2003 server) installed as a NT Service. I know it is possible with Boa Constructor and HAP debugger but it doesnt work with both debuggers.

With the HAP debugger it is possible to connect to the remote pc but it doesnt stop at the breakpoints

The Boa Constructor doesnt work at all, when I go to Tools->Attach to debugger and press Ok I get the error message error: (10061, Connection refused)
I followed the steps in Boa Debugger help and every thing I found on google: Add the debugger to Zope.

Ive installed the source code on the same place at the server and at the client pc (D:\project\)

Does anybody know how to do this?