Renaming Controls?

  • Frithiof Andreas Jensen

    I have a small'ish problem:

    When designing f.ex. a panel one adds, removes, copies e.t.c. controls many times causing a profusion of auto-generated and hard-to-relate-to-anything names to be made.

    Is there a clever way to 'normalise' the names once the desing is settled, keeping ID's and other things consistent?

    I was thinking along the lines of that knowing that a group of text boxes is a table one could use a tool to rename them with a prefix and a row & column number so that they are easily identified in the code.

    One *can* do it by hand, combined with search & replace but .... ;-)

    • Werner F. Bruhin

      I normally name controls as soon as I place them, or if I have a group of the same base control with similar properties I create one, then copy/paste and just change the name in the inspector constr tab

      Obviously sometimes they are not named correctly, so I rename them again useing the inspector constr tab, that takes care of all Boa generated code, any manually added code I still need to do with copy/paste (would be nice if Boa would do this - maybe Riaan is listening!?).

      See you


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