open (from Explorer) into existing app?

  • Tim Diggins

    Tim Diggins - 2004-02-17

    Hi  -

    is there a way for Boa to respond to an Explorer "open" using an existing instance of Boa (e.g. by using DDE)? I thought I saw a preference option for this when I was initially browsing, but now can't.

    many thanks


    (Sorry for all the piles of questions - I'm starting to need to customise Boa more intensively, beacuse it's becoming my IDE of choice - (moving from PythonWin) - initially because of BicycleRepairMan support, and now because, well, I like it! )

    • Riaan Booysen

      Riaan Booysen - 2004-02-17

      Hi Tim,

      Boa used to use DDE to implement this feature but it was reimplemented using sockets to be cross-platform.

      So the feature is already there and on by default.

      To use it simply call with a filename as parameter (or drop a Python file on a shortcut for Boa) and it will be passed to an already running instance if it exists.

      And feel free to ask questions!


      • Tim Diggins

        Tim Diggins - 2004-02-18


        1) note that this only works with (I had my shortcuts pointing to boa.pyw - even when you add an explicit pythonw boa.pyw it will open a new boa instance on drag and drop). only a problem because (i think) the docs suggest making a shortcut to the pyw.

        2) it doesn't restore& bring to front boa - this would be desired behaviour, I think - certainly it's what scite and pythonw do, and feels natural.


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