How do you move a static text control?

  • twgray

    twgray - 2009-05-05

    After first placement, how do you move a static text control?  When mouse cursor is placed over static text, it displays that it is static text, but there is no way to select it for re-positioning.  Any help?

    • Chelonian

      Chelonian - 2009-05-06

      What platform are you on?  This is without sizers, yes?

      On Windows XP, it should just work by dragging it with the mouse (assuming you are not using sizers).  I've had lots of problems using Boa 0.6.1 on Ubuntu (8.04 64bit), and found that I too couldn't move some controls.

      If you are using Ubuntu or Linux, try doing this:  hold down Ctrl and then move it (it will be sort of slow) with the arrow keys.

      I'm hoping at some point the bugs which hamper the use of Boa on Linux can't get straightened out; there are a number I've found, at least on the exact platform I mention above.  I don't know anything about how it runs on the Mac platform.



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