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Can not Update wxTextCtrl() immediately

  • - 2004-08-31

    The Message is a wxTextCtrl(), the OnQuittingButton() function is to display a message in the screen and then quit the entire program. The question is it can not display anything in the screen, just quit the program, so how can i update the event immediately?
    The Button's event func: EVT_BUTTON(self.Quitting, wxID_AIC_GUIQUITTING, self.OnQuittingButton)
    def OnQuittingButton(self, event):
            self.Message.SetValue( "Quitting......" )
            #EVT_TEXT(self.Message, wxID_AIC_GUIQUITTING, self.OnQuittingButton)
            time.sleep( 1 )

    • - 2004-09-01

      The Problem is solved!
      We can not doing the both things in using SetValue() until the wx_command_update..(is that right?). So we can use WriteText() method doing so !


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