Is Boa still being developed?

  • Pedro Guerreiro

    Pedro Guerreiro - 2008-02-22


    As a former boa 0.3.x user (now thinking about using it again) I've got one question: Is boa still in development? My question is because I've downloaded the 0.6.1 version from sourceforge and then downloaded the version in CVS. Although they are 7 months apart, they are... THE SAME!!!

    In 7 months there were no developments in boa? No bugs to fix? Nothing?!?!?

    One can only assume that: 1. The software reached a new standard in perfection :-) or 2. The software is dead (RIP) :-(

    Or is there a third way that I don't know of?

    Thanks for any reply.

    • jim pruett

      jim pruett - 2008-02-23

      Boa is awesome!
      I am new to it, but like I said, its awesome!
      'As cool as Eclipse', no crashes, like I said awesome!
      People here have helped me with questions I have had so that is good...
      Perhaps the developers are celebrating in Tahiti ;-)


    • Werner F. Bruhin

      Hi Pedro,

      It is somewhere around 1, no just kidding, also it would be nice!

      Riaan is working on it in cycles, i.e. if there is a major version change for wxPython or Python then lots of work is done.

      If you had used 0.3 then you should be pleased with the changes you will find.



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