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  • active8

    active8 - 2004-08-31

    in the module, please add it.

    I just put boa 0.3.1 on a w2k box with wxPython 2.4.2 and Python 2.3.4 . I still haven't figured out how to get  the help files perfect - some errors there, and some kind of explorer errors, I think.

    I used the Getting Started Guide instructions from the help that does work, whichever that is ;) It's the "2 - Tutorial Building Your First Application." It says I should have 2 .py files, but I only have the and it isn't saving.

    The above error happens when I try to save the new project per instructions.

    I *can* open and save or save as an existing .py file.

    Any working solution greatly appreciated.


    • Werner F. Bruhin

      On the New tab you need to use the fifth icon from the left (wxApp) to get the wxApp and the wxFrame1 files.

      Just looked at the getting started guide, it looks like the screen shots on there are from a older version (hasn't been updated for some years I think).

      I guess we are just keeping Riaan too busy with all the enhancments we all want that he doesn't get around to update the doc.

      What about taking notes when you do it and then create a short doc based on 0.3.1 release?

      See you

    • active8

      active8 - 2004-09-01

      Hi Werner:

      Any idea what the error message means? If that 1st button isn't for a new python app (it makes a .py file - that's what shows up in the save as dialog) what is it for?

      I'll try to document what I do.


    • Werner F. Bruhin


      I haven't used it, but it looks like a type of container for a pure Python application.

      When you create a wx Application you get a wxApp and a wxFrame file, in the wxApp file you have the same tabs as you get in the Python App (first icon).  So, I could guess you would use it to have the "start" up code for a python app and it tracks/knows all the files belonging to that app.

      Basically you have the same as in wxApp but that one already knows about your top level frame, which you will need in a GUI type application.

      Hope this helps

      You might want to post in the following newsgroup, which is Boa specific, and I think newsgroup are a bit easier to follow then SourceForge.



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