Why GPL?

  • Anonymous

    Anonymous - 2004-05-24

    Was there any reason that this project choose the GPL instead of the PSF license? I see great potential in Boa as more than just a standalone application. Boa is highly modularized and would lend itself well to being specialized for use in specific vertical applications. For instance, my company would like to embed parts of Boa into a game level editor we are developing. However, we are not willing to release all of our source to the public in order to use it. Thus we will probably have to waste time and money reinventing something that already exists as opposed to contributing to the Boa core. Has there been any discussion about changing the license to something like the PSF? I believe Eclipse has adopted this approach with great success. Companies could use Boa for a broad spectrum of applications and contribute back selectively those changes they know are not core to their business. To be able to embed the language, an editor, and a debugger into an application very quickly would make Python a very powerful and attractive platform for rapid application development. I think a more flexible licensing model would go a long way to promoting Python and Boa's use in Industry.


    • Anonymous

      Anonymous - 2004-05-26

      I second that. Jasc had the same problem when we integrated Python into Paint Shop Pro. It would have been nice to have something akin to VB for Applications available for quick integration.

      Fred Frick


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