Can't execute Boa constructor

  • Dan

    Dan - 2008-05-31

    I've installed boa constructor (the beta version) as well as the relevant python and wxpython software.

    When I run boa (the yellow 'run' button in the editor window), the 3 windows merely minimise to the toolbar then maximise again WITHOUT displaying the window I have constructed

    Can anyone help!

    • Dan

      Dan - 2008-05-31

      I figured it out.  My mistake.  I was selecting the wx.Frame button and not the button.

      • Werner F. Bruhin

        Hi Dan,

        On a wx.Frame and wx.Dialog (and maybe others) you can also do Menu Edit/Add Module Runner and then the run bottom reacts as if it is a wx.App (BoaApp), handy to do little things like a sample program without having to have two files.



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