Inspector dimension

  • luchetto

    luchetto - 2006-09-28


    How to increase the height of the row of the inspector or reduce the character dimension



    • Werner F. Bruhin

      Check in Preferences/General there is a setting oiLineHeight.  As you have a problem with the inspector where this is shown you might to need to change it in the file (..\site-packages\boa\Config\


    • luchetto

      luchetto - 2006-09-28

      Hello  Werner and many thanks

      If i use it on my labtop it is ok, but when i use it on my desktop (case) i have the problem of big characters and also in the program made with boa the word are to big and if i want that the text inside button , textCtrl etc are readable i have to redesign tha frame. if i can send the picture i'm sure that it's more clear, but if i run this program under win all is ok.

      Pls Note

      Labtop and desk have the same distribution of linux

      Thanks Luca

      • Werner F. Bruhin

        I know nearly nothing about Linux.  There most be some setting which is different on your desktop compared to your notebook (not in Boa but maybe in the windowing system?).

        Hopefully someone with Linux know how will chip in.

        Small image you could attach to postings to the gmane list "gmane.comp.ide.boa-constructor.user".



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