drag-and-drop editing?

  • johnw

    johnw - 2006-05-18

    It appears that the source-code editor in Boa does not support drag-and-drop editing (select text, press and drag to move it, ctrl press and drag to copy it elsewhere).

    Is this true or am I missing something?

    Thanks, John.

    • Anonymous - 2006-12-11

      I posted a bug related to this, as the documentation states that you can.

      Can someone with good knowledge answer this question?  Is it a bug, a feature, or is there some special trick required?

      Thanks in advance.

      • Werner F. Bruhin


        What version of wxPython are you using, what OS are you on?

        I am on Win XP with wxPython 2.6.x and 2.8.x and latest Boa and can move things (buttons, textctrl, etc).

        I recall that there are problems with some controls, can't remember which and can't find the thread at the moment.

        I also recall that there were some problems on some OS (maybe GTK?).


        P.S. While this does not fix the actual problem, maybe you should consider using sizers.  I totally ignore placement, basically "throw" the controls onto the panel or whatever more or less in the sequence they should be and only use sizers to do the real layout, even in the most simplistic screen.

      • Werner F. Bruhin

        Found it on the gmane list (mirror of boa-constructor-users), quote Riaan's reply:

        Hi Gary,

        GARY SEVIOUR wrote:
        > > Hi All,
        > > I've decided to use Boa Constructor this evening and while it looks
        > > quite good i'm finding a few thing a tad challnging.
        > >
        > > I'm currently using:
        > > ubuntu dapper 6.06
        > > python 2.4.3
        > > boaconstructor 4.4
        > > wxPython
        > >
        > > "Once the component is on the form, it can be moved and resized. You
        > > move it by placing the mouse within the component and dragging it. You
        > > resize it by dragging one of  the eight markers shown on the edge of a
        > > selected control."
        > >
        > > i've found that while components can be resized on  the form as per the
        > > instructions it is not possible to use the mouse to drag them to a new
        > > position.
        > >
        > > I have found a partial solution in using the Inspector to edit the
        > > Position attributes of a component (using the spinner controls is quite
        > > handy).
        > >
        > > Is this some bug that is unique to my system (I tried searching this
        > > list's archives and could find any discussion on this issue).

        The problem is that not all controls trigger mouse over and mouse click
        events, for controls that do not trigger these events Boa simply cannot
        move or size them via the Designer.



      • Werner F. Bruhin

        Just to clarify.  My response is to the bug posting which talks about controls.  The original post of this thread by johnw3d actually talks about the source editor of Boa and I don't think it allows to drag/drop source code, one can use copy/cut and paste to do this.



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