a question about the inspector window

  • Mark Chataway

    Mark Chataway - 2008-11-09

    Hi there,

    I was wondering what type of wxWindow you used in the inspector panel. I would like to make something similar in my app that looks like a grid but each cell can have text or a choice box or when selected, a ... button to take you to a file explorer, just like in the inspector window.

    I haven't looked through the source code but it looks to me to be something like a splitterWindow with a listCtrl in each side.
    How do you get a choiceBox or a button into the cells?


    • Barton Cline

      Barton Cline - 2008-11-29

      Hi, Mark,

      If you are using the source (or have it, but use the "compiled" - pyinstaller - ) version of Boa, then just have a look in some place like: D:\Python\Boa\ for the Inspector.py module. There you'll find that the Inspector window uses all kinds of very cool Boa abilities, including mixins and custom classes:

      class InspectorFrame(wx.Frame, Utils.FrameRestorerMixin):
          """ Main Inspector frame, mainly does frame initialisation and handles
              events from the toolbar """
          _custom_classes = {'wx.Notebook': ['InspectorNotebook'],
                             'wx.SplitterWindow': ['EventsWindow'],
                             'wx.ScrolledWindow': ['InspectorPropScrollWin',

      Have Fun!


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