Newb question: Console App?

  • Anonymous - 2004-04-13

    Is it possible to create a console app in Boa and have it run your python app in the console? How do I get it to display the output to the console??

    Thanks in advance!

    • Anonymous - 2004-04-21

      Strange question. Have you read the Python tutorial? Boa Constructor is programm to create GUI. Console is not GUI. To create python console application u just need to wirte code in ANY text editor (or IDLE: comes with Python) and save with ' .py' extension (for example About output - read Python Manual.

      • Anonymous - 2004-04-22

        No - it's a good question.
        Open BOA,
        in the BOA editor choose File/New/PythonApp
        and BOA will generate a small code frame for your console app.

        You can use all the BOA features like code browser (Explorer tab) and debugging.
        I generate all my python console apps this way.

        Output is done via print.
        Use the python help button in the BOA main bar to get a (slightly outdated) python help.


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