newbie question on in Boa?

  • JohnB

    JohnB - 2004-09-24

    Hello.  Can anyone tell me if Boa works with wxgrid?  Does anyone have a simple example they can send (not the example that comes with does not have the same structure as code written with Boa).  What I want to do is cut and paste the code for the example wxgrid into my Boa-generated code. 

    Or, maybe you can just set me straight.  I am quite new to python and am trying my hand at a very simple application.  I have used Boa to create a simple application that has a notebook frame containing a two tabed frames.  I would like to place a wxGrid on each tab.  The wxPython package contains examples for wxGrid, but I dont know how to merge the Boa code with the example code.  How does one alter the example code for say the file to make it work in a Boa created frame structure.  I tried adding the following few commands to the main program, but that didnt work (the frames work, but no grid is shown on them):

    log = open('test.log', 'w')
    grid1 = wxFrame1.DragableGrid(application.main.grid1,log)
    grid2 = wxFrame1.DragableGrid(application.main.grid2,log)

    I can send the entire code if it would be useful.  Any help would be appreciated.  Im sure it is a simple problem, but I am so new at this.  Thanks.  John

    • Werner F. Bruhin

      Hi John,

      I assume you are the same chap as over on the wxPython list?

      See you

    • JohnB

      JohnB - 2004-09-25

      Yes, Werner, I am one in the same.  Thanks again for your helpful suggestions.  For any other newbies having trouble with getting wxGrid to work with Boa, Werner gave a very useful example on the wxPython list and I added some comments.  John


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