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  • FERLET Patrice

    FERLET Patrice - 2004-09-21

    I use Boa 2.3.1 or 2.3.0-1 (i don't remember :) ) and i try to use wxstc component to colr php code.
    I read docs, again and again... and whatever i do php code isn't colored.
    I tried self.mytext.StyleSetSpec(wxSTC_HPHP_COMMENT,"underline") just to see one example, but nothing...
    If there is a way in Boa to setup stc easilly, please help me :)

    • Werner F. Bruhin

      Hi metal3d,

      Have a look at the wxPython demo under More Windows Controls check at wxStyledTextCtrl_2.

      Then in Boa you need to set the Lexer property to the PHP entry and set up some styles in your code as shown in the demo for the Python example to colour the code.  For PHP you need to find what the appropriate styles are, maybe on the Scintilla site?

      Haven't tried this out but as I am planning to use this control soon I was looking around a bit.

      See you


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