Boa not killing process?

  • Chelonian

    Chelonian - 2007-09-07

    Hi, I've never had this problem until today, not sure what is wrong.
    I have a Frame, I run it, it runs, and then I shut it with the exit
    X on the window.  The window shuts.  But...

    Normally, at this point, the Boa windows will come back up, but with
    this particular Frame they don't (the problem only happens with this
    one Frame).  What I then also find is that there are multiple instances
    of Python running, and if I go to exit Boa it says there are still
    processes running.

    I've looked at the code in that Frame and can't figure out what is
    different about it from the others I have which are working normally.
    There must be something obvious I am not seeing--any experience with this?


    • Werner F. Bruhin


      Do you bind e.g. the frame's close event?  If yes, are you doing event.Skip() in it?

      I think it can also happen with some exceptions, but not sure.  Try run it from the command line.

      The multiple instances of Python is normal, when you run things from within Boa it starts the process in a separate Python instance, which gets closed when stop it.

      BTW, you are aware that you can kill such tasks manually from within Boa, see the task tab at the bottom.


    • Chelonian

      Chelonian - 2007-09-07

      Ah, it turned out to be just that I had left a stray line in the __init__ which was creating another frame (imported from a module) but not showing it.  Taking that line out solves it.  Thanks, Werner for the suugestion about manually killing tasks, I hadn't known about that (there are so many cool things about Boa that I have yet to learn!)



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