small anomaly with childFrameStyle property

  • Tim Diggins

    Tim Diggins - 2004-02-17

    (on windows XP Pro, py2.3.3, wx., Boa 0.2.8)

    when childFrameStyle (Properties:General:Miscellaneous) is set to wxCLIP_CHILDREN | wxFRAME_TOOL_WINDOW (as recommended in help to stop other windows appearing in task bar). Then:
    minimising the boa constructor toolbar DOESN'T minimise the Inspector and editor windows (which is what you'd expect and is what happens when it is wxCLIP_CHILDREN)

    any easy fix? Are there good other alternatives for childFrameStyle



    • Riaan Booysen

      Riaan Booysen - 2004-02-17

      Hi Tim,

      No, no easy fix. You are running into the limitations of that frame style (an the reasons why it's not default).

      BTW wxCLIP_CHILDREN has nothing to do with frame behaviour, only with frame redrawing.

      You my also try the wxFRAME_NO_TASKBAR style instead (this style was added to wxWindows after the Boa docs were written)


      • Tim Diggins

        Tim Diggins - 2004-02-17

        Thanks for the idea - I hadn't realised (despite the wx prefix, duh!) that these were wx constants. So I looked them up in the docs and tried out adding wxFRAME_FLOAT_ON_PARENT:


        by making sure we have wxFRAME_FLOAT_ON_PARENT as well as wxFRAME_TOOL_WINDOW, I get the behaviour I wanted (as long as I don't move the window to be in front of the main window, that is).



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