Kudos (lots of kudos)

  • Eric Walstad

    Eric Walstad - 2002-11-12

    I just recently went to a Borland Kylix seminar to see what it could do for cross platform dev.  The presenter crashed Kylix and was unable to make the cross-compile demo work (the day-long-seminar-grand-finale).  Aside from that, Kylix *looks* good, but is very expensive in both cost and freedom.  The seminar convinced me not to bother with Kylix and to dig into wxPython instead.
    I was simply stunned when I did.  Finding Boa Constructor makes me feel like I've just won the lottery jackpot!  Boa turned out even better, easier and with more bells and whistles (Zope hooks, YAY!) than I could've hoped for (and on both Linux and Windows!)  Woohoo!!!
    Riaan (and the rest of the developers who helped) if you are ever in San Francisco, please let me buy you a beer or dinner or both  :)
    A million thanks!  I'm hooked!

    • Jason Trowbridge

      I had downloaded Boa Constructor before (0.1 release), but hadn't actually installed it.  This time, I downloaded and installed it (v .2), and WOW!

      I stayed up very late playing with all the features.  I'm really impressed at the level of functionality that Boa has.  I noticed a few problems, but overall, the GUI designer, the debugger, and the editors are VERY impressively complete.

      Eventually, I'll probably dig around in the source code, to see how to add custom widgets to the GUI designer.

      In a nutshell, thanks for the really great job!

    • Alan McIntyre

      Alan McIntyre - 2003-02-16

      I 'grew up' as a developer using Borland's tools, from dBase IV, to C++ Suite version 5, and finally C++ Builder 5.  I never tried Kylix, but had hoped that at some point I'd have an excuse to do a cross-platform project and try out Kylix. 

      However, before that happened, I stumbled across Python, and naturally wanted to use it in some GUI applications.  I tried out Boa Constructor 0.1 and was impressed - even though I had to learn to work around a few quirks, that wasn't a problem since I'd gotten used to workarounds as part of life in proprietary tools. :)  I managed to knock out a useful database utility in just a few hours (less than 10), and that was starting from scratch with wxPython and Boa Constructor.

      Today I downloaded 0.2, and look forward to using it.  I hope I will have opportunity to contribute some fixes or something in the future. Maybe that's the best part - when I find something broken in this IDE I can fix it.  That's an option I've never had before, and I like it.

      Thanks Riaan :)

    • Riaan Booysen

      Riaan Booysen - 2003-02-25

      Thanks you guys, your support is very welcome and much appreciated!



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