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  • elpuerco

    elpuerco - 2006-09-28

    Hi, I am just starting out using BOA and learning Python and have just completed the tutorial in the help to create the Notebook application.

    I have looked though the settings to see if I am able to set preferences whereby the methods of an object are displayed in a drop down list similar to that seen in Visual Basic etc.

    So typing self.textEditor. would show a list after the . so I can see what is available.

    When I try to search for any of the objects I have used thus far no help gets displayed so i dont know what is or is not available?


    • Shi Sherebrin

      Shi Sherebrin - 2006-09-28

      try using either CTRL+SPACE or CTRL+SHIFT+SPACE - I find that one gives me available member functions, and the other gives me tips for function parameters (at least when the function is commented with the appropriately formatted docstring)

    • elpuerco

      elpuerco - 2006-09-28

      Excellent, thanks CTRL+SPACE does the trick!


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