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  • FERLET Patrice

    FERLET Patrice - 2004-02-16

    I'm using Boa since one year, trying CVS versions as them fall into my hand, and i'm happy to use it now for semi-professionnal uses.

    In fact, i am developping a big application with Boa wich can install/update from net for every projects... as website, applications, DB etc...

    Now, to finalize my message:
    First: Whoua !!!
    Second: Do you need some python developpers to help you ?
    Third: I have create some widgets which could be funny to use into Boa, but i did'nt do this as plugins, error that i will correct next days... it is possible to post you this plugins to include them into Boa ?

    Now, i gonna work, and congratulations man ;)

    • Riaan Booysen

      Riaan Booysen - 2004-02-17


      First: Thanks! (I think :)

      Second: Help always welcome, especially patches to fix bugs and help with the Linux version of Boa (I'm primarily on Windows)

      Third: Sure, any new components that could be useful to a bigger audience than yourself are very welcome. As a first step it's always a good idea to get them part of wxPython.lib.
      But either way, new plug-ins are welcome!



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