Boa Frame Designer and refactoring - warning!

  • Richard J Lacroix

    Just a warning - if you attempt to refactor in Boa Frame Designer, be aware that renaming controls/widgets, etc. will work only to a limited extent.
    The events that use the renamed items will not update, they must be done by hand.
    So don't do like I did and rename controls in the Frame Designer for an entire GUI without renaming the controls in the associated events as well, do it like they are pairs, or use a Find/Replace of the source in a good text editor.

    • Riaan Booysen

      Riaan Booysen - 2003-02-25

      Hi Richard,

      Just to clarify your warning:
      When you rename controls/events in the Designer, Boa will update every instance of that name that the Designer created and manages. In other words, only generated code gets updated.

      Delphi also behaves this way.



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