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  • tbonejo

    tbonejo - 2005-03-07

    I tried using the script listed on the boa download page for cvs in linux. It worked however it didnt get me the 0.4.0 release which I'd like to have since I have wxpython 2.5. Works in windows great, now if I can get it in linux!



    • Werner F. Bruhin

      The standard checkout will give you 0.3.1 which is the "head".

      0.4 is a branch so you need to check it out by specifying the branch see below.

      I used TortoiseCVS (, which nicely integrates with the Windows explorer (filemanager)

      - Go to the folder where you want Boa to be, right click without selecting any file/folder.

      - Select CVS Checkout
      - Protocol = Password server
      - Server =
      - Repository Folder = /cvsroot/boa-constructor
      - User Name = anonymous
      - Module = boa
      - On Revison tag
      - Branch or tag = Boa_0-4-0_pre

      See you

    • Luciano Pacheco

      Luciano Pacheco - 2005-03-08

      Hi Tom,

      I use this command line in Linux (Debian Sarge)...

      With cvs client installed...
      cvs  checkout -r Boa_0-4-0_pre boa

      This command will create a directory "boa" and download  Boa 0.4.0 in this directory. ;)


      Luciano Pacheco

    • tbonejo

      tbonejo - 2005-03-08

      Yeah that works Luciano. Thanks.

    • Francesco Ricciardi

      But as far as I know, 0.4.0 does not support wxPython 2.5 .... or does it?




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