problem reading config file

  • - 2003-01-13


    I downloaded cvs januari 12th (morning) and installed on a win2k machine. Boa started with an error that it could not access the config file.
    The problem is that the path isn't constructed right.


    def createAndReadConfig(name, forPlatform = 1):
        """ Return an initialised ConfigFile object """
        confFile = '%s/%s%s.cfg' % (Preferences.rcPath, name,
            forPlatform and wx.wxPlatform == '__WXMSW__' and '.msw' \         or forPlatform and '.gtk' or '')

    The problem is the "/" in ''%s/%s%s.cfg'. This results in a path that w2k does not dig.
    After changing the '/' in '\' boa starts up nicely, but the same kind of problem occurs in other places.

    You may want to change the way you build up paths in the boa code.


    • Riaan Booysen

      Riaan Booysen - 2003-02-25

      For the record, I could not reproduce the problem and it went away by itself for the original poster.
      Possibly an broken CVS checkout.



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