Is there some specific problem with 0.4.0?

  • Indrek Kruusa

    Indrek Kruusa - 2004-12-31

    Platform: Mandrake 10.1
    manually installed items (with all deps):

    Original Mandrake setup (can't remeber...something like wxPython 2.5.1.x and boa-constructor 0.2.x) won't work.

    boa-constructor from CVS (5 min. ago) refuses to run.
    Can I help somehow with programming/testing? Those screenshots does look so cool that I can't wait to run it :)


    • Werner F. Bruhin

      Hi Indrek,

      I can only guess that Riaan has just recently checked in 0.4.0, as I only checked two days ago.  I would guess that the checkin is not complete, otherwise I am pretty sure that Riaan would have made an announcement for it as he knows that many people are waiting for it.

      You might want to try using the 0.3.1 zip file, but for that you will have to use wxPython 2.4.x as 2.5 support will only be in Boa 0.4.

      See you


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