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Boa works well ...

  • vegaseat

    vegaseat - 2005-02-26

    Just downloaded and installed Boa Constructor 3.1 and found it to be a nice product.  I used to do a lot of Delphi coding and all looks very familiar.

    I am relatively new to Python, but enjoy it immensely.  I whipped up a little calculator in less than an hour and posted it as a code snippet on DaniWeb.  I combined the App and the Frame code to make it one file for the snippet.

    Now, if we could only get Boa to work with wxPython 2.5 ...

    • Werner F. Bruhin


      Did you know about the wxSimpleApp?  In your wxFrame go to Menu Edit/Add Simple App.

      You can use Boa with 2.5, but at the moment you have to get from CVS (tag 0.4.0 pre).

      See you

    • gtrennert

      gtrennert - 2005-02-28

      I am new to cvs, so could you please tell me how to get this 0.4 ?

      • Werner F. Bruhin


        I am on Windows, so I use TortoiseCVS ( which nicely integrates with the explorer.

        - Go to the folder where you want Boa to be, right click without selecting any file/folder.
        - Select CVS Checkout
        - Protocol = Password server
        - Server =
        - Repository Folder = /cvsroot/boa-constructor
        - User Name = anonymous
        - Module = boa
        - On Revison tag
          - Branch or tag = Boa_0-4-0_pre

        If you are on Linux or use another CVS tool the above should still get you going.

        See you

    • vegaseat

      vegaseat - 2005-03-03

      Werner thanks for the help!

      I downloaded Boa_0-4-0_pre with the help of TortoiseCVS, and got it to work with wxPython 2.5

      Also thank you for the hint on wxSimpleApp, I like to have my relatively small programs all in one file.


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