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  • pnico

    pnico - 2003-09-13


    I've just run thru the Boa tutorial and thought I'd share my first reactions.  (besides that it's the best/only program of its kind right now!)

    -When you edit certain properties such as "Label" in the Inspector, you have to hit Return at the end of whatever you type or it won't take.    Would it be possible to update on losing focus so if you type something in and go to a different property or panel, it updates the field like it would if you had hit Return?  This is easy to get tripped up on if you're not paying close attention - if it's not possible to do this I'd almost want there to be a "Set" button or something just so it's not an invisible requirement like hitting Return.

    -Would it be possible to automatically refresh the Collections panel every time something concerning it has changed?  This is a mysterious extra step to me. 

    -Is the Collections panel totally necessary?  How about just making the Data tab window in the Editor a tree-view that shows the same info?  That Collections panel popping up is totally confusing to me and adds clutter.   For that matter some of the multiple changing tabs in the Editor could probably be reorganized so there don't have to be so many of them and they don't have to keep changing, but that's too complicated for my brain to handle...

    - I like the Pallettes panel but I'd also like the option to turn it off and work from menus and/or shortcut keys to save screen space. maybe an "Add Component..." menu in the Editor window so I could leave Palettes hidden.

    -any chance of a MDI option? 

    this is already a really useful program.  congratulations! --Peter

    • Riaan Booysen

      Riaan Booysen - 2003-09-15

      Hi Peter,

      About auto-posting properties: I would like for it to work like that, but the issue is that when an auto-post happens (because of e.g. selecting a different control) and the property posting raises an exception, it is too late to abort the new selection.
      I've recently again tried to make this work, but still no luck. I don't want to silently ignore errors in this case (the only simple option at this stage)

      I'll see if I can improve the collection Editor update situation. Previously I could not find a simple way to automatically cause refreshes, but I'll try again.

      The collection editor window behaves like the one in Delphi. I'm satisfied enough with it, if it's good enough for Delphi it's good enough for Boa ;)

      I'd like to add an alternative (not default, but available as a preference) to the Palette window.
      One option would be as another page on the
      Inspector. Another, from and sub-menu structured New->[Palette page name]->[Component] available as a right-click in the Designer.
      This is not high priority though.

      I really don't like MDI, so I don't forsee MDI support anytime soon.


    • pnico

      pnico - 2004-01-16

      fair enough about the collection editor / Delphi, but auto refresh would be a big help. same for the properties panel updating.

      about alternatives to the palette window - I'd vote against adding a tab to the Inspector, it's pretty full as it is. The right-click menu in the Designer window sounds good, or even a menubar - maybe redundant but it would be handy and the designer is only open sometimes anyway.

      re MDI - setting childFrameStyle to wxFRAME_NO_TASKBAR|wxFRAME_FLOAT_ON_PARENT helps a lot.  I don't mind the multiple windows so much now that it mostly acts like one app instead of 5 ;) 

    • Riaan Booysen

      Riaan Booysen - 2004-02-15

      The current version of CVS auto-posts (when possible) so that should be less of an issue currently.



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