Where does one get wxPython help?

  • Barton Cline

    Barton Cline - 2006-10-28

    Is this the discussion forum? From the posts it looks like the help forum.
    Over on the help forum, many posts go unanswered. Is that because everone
    is posting over here? Well, 14 posts since January 2005 makes that unlikely.

    wxPython is an awesome project and I would love to contribute in any way I can.
    Once in a great while I have a question. Today the question is: Where does one
    get wxPython help?

    • Barton Cline

      Barton Cline - 2006-10-28

      Oooops! I am actually looking for communication re. BoaConstructor.
      Thanks, again,

    • Chelonian

      Chelonian - 2006-11-03

      As far as communication about Boa Constructor, as I very recently learned from Werner on this forum, there is a Boa Constructor list:


      which you can read in various ways, one of which is a blog style (which is the first link if you put the above into a Google search) or you can read it this way:


      In case it is not entirely clear to you, wxPython is a "GUI toolkit", a large and impressive collection of code for making widgets--common features on a GUI, like text boxes or buttons--of a certain look and functionality.  The person behind that is named Robin Dunn, who is seen posting about wxPython on the wxPython list and of course on the wxPython website.  wxPython is one of a number of choices for such GUI toolkits.  You can find people giving pros and cons of all the toolkits if you search comp.lang.python and other such things.  wxPython's current version as of Nov 2 2006 is

      Boa Constructor is a "GUI builder" and "IDE" (integrated development environment), which allows one to add wxPython widgets to one's GUI as you are making it without having to write every little bit of code for placing the widgets and describing what events trigger them to do stuff.  And it allows you more than that in terms of interacting with your code, debugging, etc.  The creator of Boa is Riaan Booysen, who sometimes answers questions here as well.   Boa Constructor appears to be alive and well and actively been improved as we speak, which is great, eh?


      • Barton Cline

        Barton Cline - 2006-11-05

        Thanks, Che.
        I've been using wxPy for a couple of months now (bought Robin's book).
        As the moderator of the python forum at thesripts.com, I've come to
        like forum based peer interaction and was hoping for that sort of thing
        going on with Boa users. Guess I might have to join the list...,


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