Feature: hierarchical view of sizers and menu

  • schoenborno

    schoenborno - 2004-02-11

    Hi, a post on the Help forum reminded of this (extended version of) feature suggestion:

    Both sizers and menus are, just like container widgets, inherently hierarchichal in nature, so would it be possible to extend Designer to have a tab for Sizers and another for Menus, where the hierarchies could be viewed and manipulated?

    This would probably make the current (somewhat difficult to use) sizer and menu pages in Editor unnecessary and provide a much more natural way of dealing with sizers and menus.

    Don't know how much work is involved though ;)


    • schoenborno

      schoenborno - 2004-02-11

      Come to think of it, perhaps an even better idea, specifically for sizers, would be:
      - To have the Designer's Obj tab display both Sizers and Widgets (both are Obj's, after all),
      - With one of two kinds of views:
        - The containment hierarchy view, where the Widgets contain Sizers and other Widgets, with Sizers and non-container Widgets being leaf nodes;
        - The Sizer hierarchy view, where the Sizers contain Widgets and other Sizers, and the leaf nodes are only Widgets (or Sizers with nothing in them)

      It would just be a matter of toggling between the two kinds of views of the Obj display.

      Thanks a great tool btw!

    • Riaan Booysen

      Riaan Booysen - 2004-02-15

      Hi Oliver,

      The extension to the Objs is basically what I proposed as a future extension to sizers in the sizers announcement of the initial checkin on the mailing list.

      But I'm still, as I was then, not sure about the best way of doing this because of the basic ambiguity af combining the two hierarchies (sizer items and control cantainment) in one tree. I'm not convinced by a "toggle" button. A seperate view would probably be better.

      Still undecided,

      • schoenborno

        schoenborno - 2004-02-17

        Hi Riaan,

        The "basic ambiguity" you mention definitely requires separate views: there are two hierarchies that cannot be shown in one view, not clearly anyways, that's why I was suggesting a toggle, but that's just an idea for how to get two views. Just having two separate tabs, one for the sizer hierarchy, adn the other for the containment hierarchy, should be sufficient.



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