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Should this project be forked?

  • Christopher Spencer

    I have a rather large project in the works and I depend heavily on Boa Constructor to design the GUI.  This will be a project that is maintained for years to come.  This means that I need Boa Constructor to be maintained throughout all future versions of wxPython.

    Since the maintainer seems to be MIA for well over a year, I was wondering if I should fork this project and create my own distribution (with the same license terms).

    To my way of thinking, there is no better IDE for wxPython than Boa Constructor.  It's too bad the original maintainer has abandoned this very useful application.  Still, I'm willing to try to pick up the torch and continue on.

    Comments?  Flames?

    • Werner F. Bruhin

      Hi Christopher,

      I don't think that forking the project is a good idea, it only splits up the available resources onto two projects (and there are already too many IDE type projects for wxPython - in my view).

      If you have patches/enhancements etc just post them as attachements to "" or use the gmane "mirror" of this list at "gmane.comp.ide.boa-constructor.user".

      I believe Riaan is working on some sizer enhancement stuff, which hopefully will see the light of day one of these days (Riaan are you listening :)!).

      What about enhancing Boa with data aware controls, and if possible use the Dabo stuff for it so not to create a competting set of controls.

      Only Riaan can confirm this but in the past I have seen that Riaan is "off" for some time (sometimes a long time), I can only guess that he has to spend some time getting butter onto his bread.

      Just my 0.02 Euro cents

    • tim

      tim - 2006-08-25

      I for one would like to see more activity in Boa Constructor, the problem as I see it Riaan is very quite for very long periods, which doesn't encourage people to contribute in any ongoing and active way.

      If at least a few more people where committing on a regular basis I think Boa could move forward quite quickly

      I think Boa is great and use it everyday. (I personally think it is much better than SPE and quite a few of the other tools) at least for what I do.


      • Werner F. Bruhin

        I like Boa too and use it just about every day for a shareware app I did with it.  I only wish sizers could be made easier (and I believe Riaan is working on this) and that there would be data aware controls (maybe the Dabo stuff) available.

        I agree that Riaan is very quite, I can only assume that he has lots of other commitments.

        I think that Riaan would be very happy with contributions.  I for one am not that technical to be able to do much code development, but I decided to help out with the support side of things and the tutorial, after Riaan saw that I regularly contributed he gave me CVS access so I could commit changes directly (in my case I only touch the tutorial and the code upgrader).

        I would suggest that if you have contributions (as patch against the latest CVS and/or a whole file(s) affected) post them to "" as attachments, people will look at them, comment on what they think about it and if there is no problem I think that Riaan will commit them or at least adapt a change similar to the original patch.


    • Christopher Spencer

      I have fixed many bugs in Boa in regards to the proposed wxPython 2.7.x-pre branch.  In other words, I've been fixing bugs related to a version of wxPython that hasn't been released yet.  When 2.7x *is* released, I will share my bugfixes with whomever can get them incorporated into Boa Constructor.

      My concern is with statements such as "and I believe Riaan is working on this".  He hasn't made a checkin in over a year.  That's quite a stretch of time.  To me, it seems like this is an abandoned project.  With tumbleweeds blowing through and everything.

      If I fork this project, it will be to handle bugs and to implement the multitude of new controls that wxPython has added in the last year.  In other words, basic maintenance stuff.  This is stuff that Riaan hasn't been doing.  I think if he's chosen to abandon his baby, maybe someone should adopt it.

      • Werner F. Bruhin


        I have started testing 2.7 and if you have patches now is the time to propose them to the list, the pre releases are in my view there so that tools like Boa can get tested against them and to get them ready for the eventual release.

        If you post the patches with some comment on what they fix I have no problem to try them.


        Forking a project or attacking each other will not advance either - just my two little euro cents:)

    • Riaan Booysen

      Riaan Booysen - 2006-08-25

      Boa is certainly not abandoned and if you took the trouble to watch the mailing list you would know that.

      A new release of Boa is in the works and will happen when I have some extra time.


    • Christopher Spencer

      "if you took the trouble" is fighting words.  What I've taken the trouble to do is watch the CVS tree...for *15* months.

      Do you have another CVS repository in a location other than sourceforge?  I'll be glad to grab the most recent version from there.

      I will subscribe from the mailing list, but I have to it as full of "Riaan is working on this..." as this forum?  In the immortal words of Linus Torvalds..."Shut up and show me the code."

    • Mike Clarkson

      Mike Clarkson - 2006-09-07

      I have a large number of patches for boa-0.4.4, one set to get started on internationalization of boa, and another set to make it easier to import parts of  Boa into a larger application that just uses the Explorer. I'd like to contribute both, but if the CVS is no far out of date with what may soon be released, is there any point - these change almost every file? I don't want to have to redo this work each time there is a release.

      Riaan, can you check in what you have to CVS now, even if it is not ready for release, so that we all can synchronize.  Otherwise it becomes really hard to work together with you on anything other than small fixes.

      Do you have another CVS repository in a location other than sourceforge?

      • Werner F. Bruhin

        Hi Mike,

        What are the I18n changes you did?  Are they to I18n Boa itself or to have Boa support gettext i.e. macro like this "_('text to translate')" in the generated code?

        If it is the later that would be something I might be interested in (especially if it support dynamic switching of language).


      • Riaan Booysen

        Riaan Booysen - 2006-09-13


        I replied to in private on 2006-09-07 but I have received no reply yet.

        Mike please email me.


      • ianaré

        ianaré - 2006-09-29

        I started to translate Boa into French using GETTEXT but stopped when I saw that the code base is very old, and new code is supposed to be coming out soon.

        I am still willing to do this but need access to newer code, even if it's buggy/incomplete.

      • Werner F. Bruhin


        I18n is something I really would like to see better supported in Boa, could you give me some details on how you patched Boa for this.

        If you want you can contact me off line at werner.bruhin at


    • Christopher Spencer

      I've begged him to keep CVS up to date.  So far he's been pretty stonewall on the issue.  I've done a lot of patching on BOA over the past month or so and I'd also like to see those changes released to CVS so others can use them.


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