Split window in the Editor?

Le Snelson
  • Le Snelson

    Le Snelson - 2006-12-25

    I've just installed Boa-Constructor 0.5.2, Python 2.5, and wxPython  I'm new to Boa but would have expected that the editor frame would have what I believe wxWindows calls split windows. I noticed in one of the discussions about resource files a warning about mis-alignments that can occur.

    Is the Editor frame intended to have split windows and I have a misconfiguration or is this a feature for me to put on my desired list?

    • Barton Cline

      Barton Cline - 2006-12-26

      On every version that I have run, the three main windows have always been separate.
      I have grown to like it, as I can spread my editor way out and alt-tab to the properties window. It may grow on you as well.

    • Le Snelson

      Le Snelson - 2006-12-30

      I concur.  I've used other IDEs which have multiple Frames. They allow one to focus when designed well to the application.  My confusion is with the Editor Frame which contains two Windows. It activates a double ended cursor arrow when I hover over the horizontal separator but does not seem to respond to left or right click as I would expect.  Normal operation that I would expect is to allow me to shrink the lower Window by dragging the separator downward.

      For clarification the upper Window contains three tabs at default startup - Source, Explore, and Events.  The lower Window contains tabs for Traceback, Output, Errors, and Tasks.

      • Barton Cline

        Barton Cline - 2006-12-30

        Yeah, I should have gotten that.
        What I get on that splitter is very poor perfomance. After difficulty targeting the splitter control, response to right click takes a long time. Using 0.5.2 with wx 2.7.2, it does work, howerver.

        • Chelonian

          Chelonian - 2007-01-13

          I also can't get the windows to resize in the Editor.  I get the double-ended arrow but it won't let me resize the source window to be larger.  Mentioned this also on the Help forum.  This happened when I upgraded to wxPython  I'm using Boa 0.5.2.  Any ideas?  TIA.

          • Chelonian

            Chelonian - 2007-03-02

            Just a followup in case anyone new is following this thread:  it eventually worked.  I simply redownloaded Boa 0.5.2 from CVS and now the error window works fine (as I mentioned in another thread here somewhere).  Not sure what the issue was.

    • Barton Cline

      Barton Cline - 2007-01-13

      The poor perfomance that I mentioned is so bad that it looks like it's not working. If I have patience and proceed as if it is working dispite the lack of visual feedback, it does work.


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