jmh - 2010-08-25

I've been using Boa for quite a while, and overall I'm very happy with it (excellent job, thank you), but lately I've encountered a problem.

I'm trying to get the PyPlot plug-in to work, and not having any success. I'm trying to use the exe version of 0.6.1 under Windows, and even though I can start Python and import wx.lib.plot manually, the plug-in cannot do it. I get an exception with a message of "No module named plot". I suspect that it has something to do with the internals of the exe, not with whatever I have installed on the system (Python 2.6 and wxPython 2.8), so, I'm wondering if there might be a more up-to-date version of Boa headed for release any time soon.

And, no, I haven't tried running and friends from cvs, but that's next on the list.