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New Update BoPlanets-V1.3-Up2

BoPlanets-V1.3-Up2 is the second update of release V1.3.

Changes and bug fixes:
1.)Input of decimal numbers
In menu Observer Locations, when horizontal view was selected, and in menu Rise,Transit&Set-Times the decimal numbers of latitude and longitude were formatted with the Java decimal separator ".".
In Release V1.3-Up2 decimal numbers are formatted according to the current default locale.
2.)Results of rise, transit and set times
The results can now be viewed without horizontal scrolling.
3.)Rise, transit and set times observed by the sun
In V1.3-Up1 the results were incomplete and it took a pretty long time to produce the results.
This was corrected in V1.3-Up2. May be, that not many people are interested in this exotic data.

Posted by B.Ostermann 2009-06-04

BoPlanets-V1.3-Up1 updated

In V1.3-Up1 the calculation of minimum and maximum altitude for the
horizontal view was corrected.
If the absolte values of minimum and maximum declination are different,
then minimum and maximum altitude were determined incollrectly in release V1.3.
For the natural orbital parameters of the planets this difference is quite small;
so the effect of incorrect minimum and maximum altitude is hardly to see.
But if orbital parameters are modified, then the difference may be
quite significant.
- observer: Mercury
- planet: Mars
- excentricity of Mars=0.9
- inclination of Mars=-45 degrees

Posted by B.Ostermann 2009-05-11

BoPlanets V1.3 released

BoPlanets V1.3 was released.
The new release contains improvements concerning the presentation of the equatorial and horizontal view. All views show the orbitals of the planets so, that maximum and minimum of the coordinates are close to the margins of the actual window. In former releases maximum and minimum declination, which are required for the equatorial and horizontal view, were approximated. This worked fine, if planet and observer were not adjacent.
In release V1.3 maximum and minimum declination is determined mathematically exact by using the numerical gradient method and the 2 dimensional Newton method.
Now all combinations of planet and observer with standard orbital parameters are fitting within the actual window size. This holds for most combinations of modifiable orbital parameters.... read more

Posted by B.Ostermann 2009-04-19

BoPlanets V1.2 updated

An update V1.2-U1 of BoPlanets was released at September 26, 2008.
Linux users reported, that the start window is not displayed completely, because of the fixed sized window.
This was fixed in this update release by increasing the minimum size and making the start window resizable.

Posted by B.Ostermann 2008-09-26

BoPlanets V1.2 released

An update of BoPlanets was released as release V1.2.
The changes mainly concerns the graphical user interface and clearness of control:

  • Documentation:
    Viewing the documentation the window can no be resized.
    This makes it easier to read.

  • Decimal numbers in localized form
    Decimal numbers in input and output fields are now handled due
    to the localized form.

  • Termination of text field stepsize:
    In adition to terminating input of the field "stepsize" by clicking
    the adjacent ok-button this can be done by pressing the Enter-key.... read more

Posted by B.Ostermann 2008-03-12

BoPlanets V1.1 released

Beside bug fixes the new release V1.1 was enhanced by a new feature, by which rise, transit and set times of a planet are determined as seen by the selected observing planet. The position of the observer on the observing planet can be given by it's geographical coordinates or my be selected out of a list of named locations. Up to 366 consecuting rises, transits and sets may be determined. The resulting times are given as GMT date&time or as local date&time of the location.
Bug fixes/changes:
- more precise start positions of the planets were taken from Jet Propulsion Lab
- the era designator BC/AD was added to date&times
- only one window OrbitalParameters can be open
- the time zone offset of the local time was corrected.

Posted by B.Ostermann 2007-11-26

BoPlanets V1.0 released

The first version of BoPlanets was released.

BoPlanets is a virtual planetarium written in Java. It shows the movements of the planets relative to a selectable observing planet. The planets may be shown in the ecliptical, equatorial or horizontal view. The planets may be moved step by step or in continuous mode.

You may see the epicycles of the planets with the earth as center of the universe. Or you may see the dayly motion of the sun as seen by the mercury.... read more

Posted by B.Ostermann 2007-09-01

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