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7.7r3.2004.09.30b Released 13-Oct-2004

No changes except for the following:
contains correct config file - which specifies port 6969

Current users of the 09.30 release, should simply modify their config files to specify "port = 6969"

See the homepage for more information.

Posted by Trinity 2004-10-13

Secondary 7.7r3 Released - Published 30 Sept 2004

Version 7.7r3.2004.09.30 has been released. Please see the Home Page for Download information.

Posted by Trinity 2004-10-06

DoS Bug Fixed

The Trinity Edition of BNBT 7.5r3.2004.05.23 has been released.

This release fixes a security exploit found in all previous versions. This exploit is not isolated to just The Trinity Edition, but all versions/usermods of BNBT.

Download Here:

Posted by Trinity 2004-05-23