rdd9 missing in 20120713 source code

  • Harald Jordan

    Harald Jordan - 2014-02-08


    thanks for this great project.
    I was thinking of adding the functionality of merging multiple input files to one output file. Unfortunately I wasn't able to find the latest source code. The last bmxtranswrap binary version I can download from sourceforge has the feature of creating "rdd9" format.
    The latest Source Code from 20120713 does not seem to support this format.

    Is there a chance to get the latest source? ... maybe there is already the feature of merging files?

    thanks and all the best,

  • Philip de Nier

    Philip de Nier - 2014-02-10

    I suppose the best and latest source code is the git repository. There is a "Download Snapshot" button on the Git page which you can use if you don't have access to a git client. The latest source and binary release/snapshot can be found in the snapshots/bmx-snapshot-20130712 folder in the Files menu. At some point I need to reorganise the files to make it clearer what the latest code is and the status. The intention is to simply have a list of snapshots.

    bmxtranswrap has support for merging files. This functionality was developed to support clips spanned across multiple files / disks. The "--group" and "no-reorder" options are relevant to merging.


  • Harald Jordan

    Harald Jordan - 2014-02-11

    Thanks a lot Philip,

    i had a play with --group and --no-reorder, but no matter what i do, the resulting clip will always contain multiple Audio/Video Tracks. e.g. if i "merge" 2 XDCAM Clips, the result will have 16 Audios and 2 videos. Basically it is combining instead of merging.
    Are you sure that stitching (clip by clip) should work?


    • Philip de Nier

      Philip de Nier - 2014-02-11

      The implementation has been designed to support spanned clips and is therefore somewhat limited. The input files should have the same set of tracks, but in different material packages. The timecode should also be continuous, and if not the --no-reorder option should be used. This was required because some XDCAM products didn't set the timecodes correctly in spanned clips.

      A way to test stitching clips without real spanned clip content is to:
      rewrap a file twice, e.g. "bmxtranswrap -t rdd9 -o first.mxf input.mxf" and "bmxtranswrap -t rdd9 -o second.mxf input.mxf"
      stitch the files together, e.g. "bmxtranswrap --no-reorder -t rdd9 -o stitch.mxf first.mxf second.mxf".

      The --no-reorder option is required because timecodes haven't been set correctly. If you try stitching the same file it will not work because the tracks will belong to the same group (material package) and so the tracks will be put into a group rather than a sequence.



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