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BMForum 2007 5.6 Released

BMForum 2007 5.6 Released, This is the International Edition of BMForum, including Arabic, Chinese(Simplified), Chinese(Traditional), English, Korean, Vietnamese languages.

Posted by Chen Mengshu 2007-07-03

BMForum 2007 5.5 Released!

New Features

JavaScript new posts
Poll page combine with Post page.
Auto Images
Rewrite likes folder
IE7 Supported
Add Tags to meta keywords
Enhanced spider recognition unit
Enhanced online data
Refresh Sticky Cache.
Accounts Binding
New Administration menu
Auto detect portrait's height and width.
Members merge
AJAX fast edit content
Batch change the user group
Text watermark
Display scores change on threads list
Notice for scores change
Level Group
Enhanced allow entering
Define row forums
Edit posts first when the moderator has the permission
Expand the black list of PM usage
Automatic thumbnail for emot icons
Add/cancel digest, sticky
Display guests on online list
Enhanced added functions
Log out check
Enhanced Contact List
Adjust order automatic after editing forum
Search in multi-forum
[post] Code forbid AJAX automatic
All new admin UI
Custom BMB Code
Scheduled Tasks
Topic "Best Before"
Table BMB Code [table]
Encourge/Punish members when sending PM
Enhanced selectivity send PM/Mails in batch
Optimized program codes
Beg/Gift BMB Code
Custom Register Items
Templates online editor
Enhanced backup system
HOT! All new templates engine
CSS auto maker
Auto preview media attachments By Arbir
Pre-set Global/Forums Tags
Tags topic
Display first Tag in front of topic name
Don't parse the codes in [code]
Edit base settings and CSS settings online
Highlight preview ... read more

Posted by Chen Mengshu 2006-09-30

BMForum 2006 4.0.1 Released

Bluview News: The powerful forum system - BMForum had been released on May 1st. New version of the BMForum added many new features and fixes many buges.

New Features

Watermark for images (2006-4-30)
Keyword Frequency Filters (2006-4-13)
Setup will detect the charset of MySQL (2006-4-13)
"The Thread which I replied" By Arbir (2006-4-13)
Backup Private Messages, Invitation, Tags (2006-4-8)
Hide forums according by Forum's Usergroup (2006-4-2)
Lower topic position (2006-4-1) ... read more

Posted by Chen Mengshu 2006-05-02

BMForum 2006 4.0 Stable Release

Bluview News: PHP Forum Provider - Bluview has already released BMForum 2006 Stable on 3/24.

Changes Log (from BMForum 4.0 RC1):

+ New Free-Forums Mode -- Tags
+ AJAX Technology powered
+ Accroding to XHTML1.0 + CSS Standard Rewrite program
+ Inviation Code required to Register (like GMail)
+ Hot Tags in Homepage
+ Similar Threads based on Tags Technology
+ Enhanced Recycle Bin
+ Use Apache、Zeus Rewrite to pretend to be HTML page
+ Return the last page what saw.
+ Menu Offset
+ Clone Usergroup
+ Row Ads in each forums ... read more

Posted by Chen Mengshu 2006-03-24

BMForum 2006 RC1 Released

The lastest version is 2006 RC1.

Posted by Chen Mengshu 2005-12-23

BMForum added AJAX Technology

BMForum added AJAX Technology to version of 4.0.

Included Edit Title, Fast Reply, Fast Browse, etc.

And 4.0 RC1 will be released in the end of this year.

Posted by Chen Mengshu 2005-12-03

The World Number One Taged Forum

The BMForum has already import the Tags to the Forum System.
A tag mean some keywords of a thread. That's a new ideas and come from Blogs.
Now, BMForum has added it, you can set a tags for a thread, or browse the threads list by any tags!

Posted by Chen Mengshu 2005-10-01

BMForum Datium! 3.0 English Edition

The BMForum Datium! 3.0 English Edition has already released in August 17,2005.

It's a multi-language edition, it includes English,CHT and CHS.

Posted by Chen Mengshu 2005-08-21

BMForum English Package Release

Welcome to install Datium! SQL Forum

Posted by Chen Mengshu 2005-05-07

New Version : 3.0 is developing!

There is many new functions in the 3.0 ! Speed Up and Functions,let you manage easy.

Posted by Chen Mengshu 2005-04-08

BMForum English Global Language Pack For Testing

Thanks for testing our forum's English Language Pack.It's for BMForum Plus! or Datium! 2.5 Beta 1.And it's English in Adminceter and Forums interface .But we need someone to test such as Grammar/Words etc.We hope that you can help me with this testing protect for the best text/mysql based PHP forum.
You can download it from below url:

Text Based Forum - BMForum Plus! read more

Posted by Chen Mengshu 2004-11-07

BMForum Family News

BMForum Plus! & Datium! 1.5 Beta 1 Release.
Welcome to download it!

Posted by Chen Mengshu 2004-06-18

BMForum v5 Developing

BMForum v5 Developing
It include all for new Template technology,more easy to change.It will replace old Template technology with PHPLib Template.

Detail: (Powered by BMForum v5 New Core Alpha with Chinese Language Pack)

Posted by Chen Mengshu 2004-01-02

BMForum English Site Open

BMForum English Site Open
but,the program only chinese now,we will release the English Edition one day.


Posted by Chen Mengshu 2004-01-02