Bug in Oct 12 release???

  • Philip Balister

    Philip Balister - 2002-10-13

    OK, this is my first attempt at using bmf, so don't be afraid to say I'm full of it...

    I installed bmf-0.9.2 today. I am having no luck training it using mutt macros to run bmf -S and bmf -N. It seems like both treat the email in question as span. If I grep a word (that is pretty unique to the email in question) in the good/spam lists, it seems like bmf -N and bmf -S have the same effect. (The word counts gets bigger in the spam folder) bmf -n and -s seem to behave better.

    Have I completely misunderstood what is going on?


    • Philip Balister

      Philip Balister - 2002-10-13

      Even worse, I think I fixed the code ....

      in case mode_s_to_n I changed:

                  if( !pblist->mergeclose( pblist, &mlist ) ||
                      !pglist->unmergeclose( pglist, &mlist ) )


                  if( !pblist->unmergeclose( pblist, &mlist ) ||
                      !pglist->mergeclose( pglist, &mlist ) )


    • Tom Marshall

      Tom Marshall - 2002-10-14

      Ack, you are absolutely correct.  I will fix this in the next release tomorrow.

      • Philip Balister

        Philip Balister - 2002-10-14

        Thanks, it's working great now. I was pretty confused why all my email became spam so quickly. Things are alot saner now, it's doing a pretty good job at ID'ing my spam after 12 hours. Not perfect, but I'll give it some time.

        It felt good to find a bug in C after not looking at code for several years!




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