Some clarification please on what blueZync do

  • Chris Green

    Chris Green - 2009-02-10

    That should be 'does' but I'm not allowed to write such a long subject!  :-)

    I'm looking into solutions for synchronizing a Treo 680 with Thunderbird/Lightning, I have arrived at blueZync via opensync.  The whole area is rather confusing!  At first it looked as if I would need a server of some sort and then plugins for both the Treo 680 and Thunderbird/Lightning to connect to the server.  However reading around here it would appear that blueZync connects from a BlueTooth device straight to Thunderbird/Lightning, is that correct?

    So I presume I still need a syncMl client for the Treo 680 and that 'talks' to blueZync via BlueTooth. blueZync then transfers the data to/from Thunderbird/Lightning, have I got that right?

    I realise this is is still an alpha (possibly beta) project so isn't likely to work "out of the box" but there's little else to try so I'm willing to put some effort into it.  (I am an ancient Solaris C programmer and use Linux on my home desktop, my smartphone is a Nokia E71 which I already have synchronized with eGroupware, the Treo 680 is my wife's)

    So, am I in the (possibly) right place?  :-)

    • KaarPoSoft

      KaarPoSoft - 2009-02-22

      Well, you are - possibly - in the right place !?!

      I do not know anything about Treo 680.
      If it supports SyncML over bluetooth or USB, it should work with blueZync, otherwise: probably not...

      If you install blueZync and OpenSync as described here:
      all prerequisites and plugins should be compiled.

      So, IF Treo 680 supports SyncML over bluetooth or USB, please give it a try.



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