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Audio driver moved into BlueZ

The code in this project is for reference only now. We have much of it reimplemented inside BlueZ. I may accept patches for legacy support but I will not be working on it.

See to try the new driver.

Posted by brad midgley 2007-10-07

Stereo alsa plugin progress!

Thanks to help from Marcel Holtmann and recently from Sergey Krivov, the alsa plugin for using stereo headsets is making progress. Some glitches to be worked out so watch this space.

Posted by brad midgley 2006-04-26

XScale support! (all hail Victor)

Victor Shcherbatyuk of Tomtom made a huge contribution in the form of fixed-point and optimized sbc encoding. Many thanks.

Posted by brad midgley 2005-09-10

Works with Skype

Andreas Beck make a Skype script that works with dbus to make connection more seemless. It's in the directory contrib (CVS only currently) Try it out if you're using Skype!

Posted by brad midgley 2005-08-27

A2DP sink "fully operational"

Mayank Batra submitted code for our A2DP sink. Henryk Ploetz made some modifications and now it's a pretty tight little service; it will accept connection after connection and cleanly play the received audio.

Posted by brad midgley 2005-06-02 donates hardware makes tiny xscale computers made to run Linux. They kindly donated one of the boards with builtin bluetooth so we can work on making audio over bluetooth work well with this device. Thanks again!

Posted by brad midgley 2005-04-19

Snapshot release

I released a snapshot of cvs, labelling it "0.4"

Posted by brad midgley 2005-04-19

Big changes to btsco daemon

Fredrik Tolf brought us enhancements recently to make the daemon behave better (for one thing, it will daemonize now :) so check it out from cvs to see the new features. Documentation for this stuff is on the way.

Posted by brad midgley 2005-03-15

Stereo streaming is working!

Check out the 'home' page or current README for details. We are successfully encoding SBC and sending it to the headset. And it sounds awesome. We'll work on hooking it up with ALSA before long hopefully...

Posted by brad midgley 2004-11-25

SBC progress from Henryk for A2DP profile

Henryk has joined the project and donated a big chunk of code he's been working on to manipulate SBC audio. It's in the cvs "btsco" module in the sbc/ directory. This is significant progress since encoding/decoding audio is very complex and no one else was feeling game to jump in just yet.

Posted by brad midgley 2004-11-21

Big source reorganization by Marcel

Marcel has recently helped out... he

- cleaned up the build
- made the kernel module stand on its own (no kernel patching)
- made continuing modifications to our early A2DP (high fidelity) profile work

Very exciting stuff.

Posted by brad midgley 2004-11-21

auto channel detect!

We have to get excited about every little development! The btsco daemon will now do an sdp probe to find the proper channel. We should have fewer people asking for help when they accidentally get the handsfree rather than headset channel.

Posted by brad midgley 2004-11-10

2.6.9 kernel update

The kernel cvs module has been updated to work with linux 2.6.9. No features changed.

Posted by brad midgley 2004-11-01

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