All RFCOMM channels closed or denied

Jesse Dyer
  • Jesse Dyer

    Jesse Dyer - 2008-02-18

    GREAT project!

    I'm really wanting to get this app working.  I'm using a Verizon Motorola KRZR k1m, paired to a Lenovo T61 running Ubuntu 7.10.

    I downloaded the tarball and ran the app (deb fails stating it can't fill the requirement for python-support, which I have..).
    Scanning for devices netted my phone.  Selected my phone which filled in the MAC Address field, then hit Scan Channels on Device.

    A bit later (after having watched my phone like a hawk for any signs of activity), the scan completed, and no channels had been marked as anything other than 'closed or denied'.

    Any ideas what I can do to troubleshoot the problem?

    • Jesse Dyer

      Jesse Dyer - 2008-02-18

      Doh!  Reading the full faq before posting is always a good idea!!!

      I used the sdptool as described in the faq, selected a channel, and the app works great!  Took a little while to find a distance value that worked (steel cubes), but I'm now the envy of all my fellow geeks!  Thanks!

      • Lars Friedrichs

        Lars Friedrichs - 2008-02-18

        Hi Jesse,

        nice to hear that problems are gone before I even touched a single key :-)
        Anyway thanks for the praise. Isn't it great to be cubicle hero of the day?

        Can't tell why the scanning process did not work as expected but you already have your solution going. If you can think of other uses you are invited to post your ideas at the 'creative uses' thread.

        Have fun!


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