Status Icon error

  • Bena

    Bena - 2007-09-13


    I got this error when I try to launch :

    $ ./
    Traceback (most recent call last):
      File "", line 728, in ?
        pGui = ProximityGUI(p,config,new_config)
      File "", line 139, in __init__
        self.icon = gtk.StatusIcon()
    AttributeError: 'module' object has no attribute 'StatusIcon'

    I'm on a debian ETCH

    Here's my python pkg :

    # apt-show-versions |grep python
    python-notify/etch uptodate 0.1.0-2.1
    python-gnome2/etch uptodate 2.12.4-6
    python-glade2/etch uptodate 2.8.6-8
    python-libxml2/etch uptodate 2.6.27.dfsg-1
    python-foomatic/etch uptodate 0.7.7
    python-gnome2-extras/etch uptodate 2.14.3-1
    python/etch uptodate 2.4.4-2
    python-numeric/etch uptodate 24.2-7
    python-gmenu/etch uptodate 2.16.1-3
    python-central/etch uptodate 0.5.12
    python-gtk2/etch uptodate 2.8.6-8
    python-configobj/etch uptodate 4.3.2-2
    python-uno/etch uptodate 2.0.4.dfsg.2-7etch1
    python-newt/etch uptodate 0.52.2-10
    python-gnome2-dev/etch uptodate 2.12.4-6
    python-support/etch uptodate 0.5.6
    python-sip4/etch uptodate 4.4.5-4
    python-gtk2-dev/etch uptodate 2.8.6-8
    python2.4/etch uptodate 2.4.4-3
    python-bluez/etch uptodate 0.9.1-1
    python-cairo/etch uptodate 1.2.0-1
    python-vte/etch uptodate 1:0.12.2-5
    python-semanage/etch uptodate 1.8-1
    python-xdg/etch uptodate 0.15-1.1
    python-dev/etch uptodate 2.4.4-2
    python2.4-minimal/etch uptodate 2.4.4-3
    python-gnome2-extras-dev/etch uptodate 2.14.3-1
    python-apt/etch uptodate 0.6.19
    python-ipy/etch uptodate 1:0.52-2
    python2.4-dev/etch uptodate 2.4.4-3
    python-selinux/etch uptodate 1.32-3
    python-gnome2-desktop/etch uptodate 2.14.0-3
    python-qt3/etch uptodate 3.16-1.2
    python-pyorbit/etch uptodate 2.0.1-5
    python-minimal/etch uptodate 2.4.4-2
    python-gnupginterface/etch uptodate 0.3.2-9

    Bluetooth pkg :

    # apt-show-versions |grep blue
    bluetooth/etch uptodate 3.7-1
    bluez-gnome/etch uptodate 0.6-1
    python-bluez/etch uptodate 0.9.1-1
    bluez-hcidump/etch uptodate 1.32-1
    bluez-utils/etch uptodate 3.7-1
    libbluetooth2/etch uptodate 3.7-1

    Does I miss something ?

    • Lars Friedrichs

      Lars Friedrichs - 2007-09-14


      it might be a problem of python-gtk2 and a missing dependency. My version is 2.10.4 and I think I remember some changes in this module. The PyGTK reference states:

      gtk.StatusIcon - display an icon in the system tray (new in PyGTK 2.10)

      so this is your problem (and mine too as I have to fix dependencies here...)
      Thanks for tracking that bug.


      • Bena

        Bena - 2007-09-14

        Hum too bad, that version of Python is not part of the Debian ETCH apt :/

        Maybee i'll switch to ubuntu to get you app ;)

        Anyway, I think it's a cool app ;)

        Need help for french translation ?

        • Lars Friedrichs

          Lars Friedrichs - 2007-09-15

          Hi again,

          thanks for the praise :-)
          Installing Ubuntu is a breeze compared to debian. (No offense debian, I like you too :-)

          The french translation should be included with version 1.2. Maybe you can try it and give feedback whether you think it is ok or not.



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